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The keys to living successfully is in how you bounce back from failures and hardships.

I help women discover how to take back their life to reclaim their future, gain confidence and peace of mind so that they can live with a sense of control and calm in a world that evokes chaos and uncertainty. I work with women who struggle with their self-concept – negative beliefs and behaviors that keep them stuck, anxious, and confused about whether their good enough to dare dream the impossible with so much unpredictability and change in the world.


Mid-life, historically thought of as a time of decline, brings on new challenges. Perhaps your work is no longer satisfying, or you have this sense of internal angst or emptiness.  With mid-life approaching you may be wondering how you can create a life with a sense of purpose, fulfillment, meaning, and a genuine sense of harmony and self-love.



Desiree is my mental health mechanic…

Desiree is my mental health mechanic who I go to for health tune-up when life gets overwhelming, relationships are topsy-turvy, and I need to just ground myself from the incessant chatter in my head.  I am always happy and reassured to return to Desiree and carry on as if there's been no gap in our connection.

I know that at the end of our call, she will ask that ONE unfailing question of “What do you take away from this call?”  No matter where I have meandered in our call, whether to dig into a difficult situation or talk aimlessly, Desiree has a way of asking that question for self-reflection, thus allowing me to sit with my heart and respond honestly.   Some of my most deeply felt and profound “ahha” moments have come to the surface during those times.

Desiree’s caring, supportive but most importantly, non-judgmental approach has helped me to shift my attention from others to myself so that I can see myself emerging stronger, to reclaim my personal power

Surinder B Assistant Manager

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Desiree Leigh Thompson

Desiree Leigh Thompson


I am a personal awareness and life coach and mental wellness expert. I have been working with middle aged women ranging from professional to corporate careers for about 13 years to clarify their purpose, overcome barriers, connect to their intuitive self, and achieve their personal and professional wellness goals, as well as to make sense out of life’s transitions and the aging process.

Desiree Leigh Coaching is a personal life coaching and mental wellness educational company designed to give passionate professionals a proven, powerful step-by-step system for building  better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I am also the author of  “Healing Worthlessness: Coming Into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor” where I share my journey to healing from childhood developmental trauma and multiple adolescent rapes, and the several mental health disorders and self-destructive behaviors I struggled with forever trying to hide my self out of shame, self-blame, and self-loathing. I hope to globally inspire women to stop carrying the pain and to fearlessly heal so that they can move forward into a life filled with freedom, joy, and inner peace.



Women are amazing nurtures

Women are amazing nurtures

Many women are amazing nurturers and caregivers by nature. We love to give. We support and encourage. We empathize and inspire. We love to make others happy. Many also like to stay on top of things: perhaps, keep the house spotless, cook meals from...

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Why Desiree Leigh Blog Started

Why Desiree Leigh Blog Started

I started my blog for Desiree Leigh Coaching more than ten years ago. It was a way to give content to my readers so that they could get to know me. It didn’t take me long to figure out a name and start writing.

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Reclaim Your Sense of Self Worth

Reclaim Your Sense of Self Worth

How do you reclaim your sense of self-worth when it was stripped from you as a child? To reclaim self-worth, you need, first, to clearly understand your attachment between your mother or caregiver and you as a child.

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The Secret of Change

The Secret of Change

Socrates stated, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” however, to build the new, you first need to clean up your past by creating awareness to why you do the things you do and then insert new positive habits.

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