I started my blog for Desiree Leigh Coaching more than ten years ago. It was a way to give content to my readers so that they could get to know me. It didn’t take me long to figure out a name and start writing. The original name was Wake Up to Live! but I’ve since relocated it here:  www.desireeleigh.com/blog/.   I will give you a quick highlight to why I blog and the typical content I write.


Two Guarantees In Life

We are guaranteed two things in life: our birth and our death. What is truly sad, though, is that many of us stay in denial to the fact that we are going to die. We may be so fast asleep that we don’t realize that life and time is passing us by. We may have geared up with the crazy-busy life armor, a great way to numb ourselves, that we can’t feel what we really need.  We flounder without committing. We ho-hum about what we should, could, and would have done. We don’t really consider the brevity of our physical life. Only until we can’t take it anymore or when we get ill, incapacitated, or lose everything do we surface our heads above ground. Only then do we really face life or wake up to live . . . usually, but not necessarily.

Passing On Consciousness

I started the blog Wake Up to Live! for Desiree Leigh Coaching because I wanted others to wake up to live a life fully and passionately.  I was once a sleeper. I lived life from a knee-jerk reaction not conscious of the reasons to my emotions, behaviors, or choices. I wasn’t aware time was passing me by. Once I woke up to what was really happening around me, I realized I needed to do a LOT of work. People have this misconception about waking up, though. They think that, somehow, life becomes easy and filled with joy, miraculously. That is the furthest from the truth! You become awake to the crap you created around you, and now the ‘work’ begins! I can see why I stayed in the dark, nonetheless. I didn’t want to face my life that was, literally, a disaster. I had a lot of messes to clean up. I had a lot of relationships to mend, and I had relationships to cut.

Cleaning Up The Messes

Once my life started to get cleaned up, I realized my time was limited. I didn’t have time to waste anymore. As a result, my intentions became more focused and more directed to what I wanted. I began with life coaching so that I could open up a better line of communication with my sons: to find a way to positively influence them to speak their truth, to break through conformity, and live a conscious life always asking questions. I wanted to establish closer relationships with them. I wanted to be a person that I could live with; one in which I could look in the mirror with love and respect. These were my biggest goals. Once I found a way to create a person that I liked to live with, and I learned how to build a healthy and intimate relationship with my sons, I decided to find a way to share my experiences of waking up and encouraging others to wake up to live fully, too. Desiree Leigh Coaching blog was born.

Secrets to Waking Up

To wake up and to live a life fully and passionately, we must clear out the baggage atop our shoulders.  This baggage darkens our view of life and our view of ourselves. In Desiree Leigh Coaching blog Wake Up to Live! I talk about the healing process and what one should be prepared for and what one can expect. I also talk about the perceptions while asleep and while awake.  I give strength and power through my stories hoping to encourage and revitalize others, both men and women, to step forward and reinvent their way of showing up in the world. When you do the work and reveal your worthiness – your value – relationships spontaneously change, your perception to life is brightened, and you see so much more love in the world, a world that can be perceived as full of hate. 

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