Life coaching is a form of personal development and growth in which a coach supports and empowers others to achieve a specific personal or professional goal.  You can probably find this definition in most coaching books and websites. But, how does the coach really support an individual?

We Are Not Perfect

The majority of us believe that we are good at motivating and disciplining ourselves enough to achieve our goals. The fact is, many of us need some support at some point in our lives and in some area to give us a kick-start – to hold us accountable and to challenge our beliefs and behaviors – to attain our goals. At the same time, many of us lead our lives through unconscious beliefs, values, and principles. As a result, we, typically, base our choices around them and we’re not even aware that we do. The point is, we are not perfect. Human beings need understanding, encouragement, and support

Life Coaching Goals

Life coaching goals can be in the field of health such as nutrition and fitness, finance, career and business, relationships, parenting, stress reduction, happiness, dream building, or academics, for example.  In these areas, a good coach creates awareness. . . holds you accountable, inspires you, and challenges you to be your best.

People Not Seen As Coaches

Most likely, there are people around you that have been life coaching you and you probably don’t even realize it. When you were a teen or a young adult, who usually held you accountable or challenged you on your behaviors? Hopefully your parents. If you are an academic student, who holds you accountable with your studies?  Your teacher, most likely. Maybe, your parents, if you are still living at home, or a mentor. I know my weaknesses, and there are certain things in my life that I need someone to hold me accountable to get things done.  Weight loss, for instance, is one of them, and, typically I hire someone once a year to get me back on track. Your coach doesn’t have to be someone who presents themselves as a coach, either. Maybe it’s your fertility gynecologist, your local naturopath or chiropractor. As well, your coach could be an inspirational leader or a speaker. They don’t have to assign the name ‘coach’ to their title to act as a great coach, but you need to use your discretion. Not everyone out there is a good coach; just like any other professional!

Could You Use A Life Coach?

Don’t put your life off to tomorrow.  Are you ready to shake up your life and get some life coaching? Just remember, different points in your life require different coaching. I hired many coaches over the years; my first one being with the Tony Robbins company. Each one is great in their own way. In my opinion, you don’t need someone accredited if you know their results or if you’ve seen their training.  There are many amazing and valuable coaches that have never been accredited. Don’t get stuck thinking this is the route you have to take. Just get started!

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