Many women are amazing nurturers and caregivers by nature. We love to give. We support and encourage. We empathize and inspire. We love to make others happy. Many also like to stay on top of things: perhaps, keep the house spotless, cook meals from scratch, organize the home office, plan for parties, volunteer for the PTA and still find time to garden and work outside the home. However, sometimes, we over-give to the point of exhaustion or resentment, and then we sacrifice our own happiness.
Bearer of All Children
On the flip-side, as nurturers and caregivers, we have a unique ability to make the world a better place for everyone to live. With these characteristic, it absolutely makes sense. Many women are also strong and feisty when challenged, will stand up for the underdog or the voiceless, and take initiative such as in creating their own business or advocating strongly for something they believe in. I know I can fit myself in many of these aspects, not that I am a martyr, but because I feel it is what the generations of women have done for so long. We also have to remember that women are the bearers of all children whether or not we choose to have children, it doesn’t matter. This gives the traits to protect and nurture as well as to fight and challenge. As you can see, women are amazing nurturers!
Schedule Self Time

As amazing nurturers, women need to learn to schedule time-out to nurture themselves. Yes, nurture ourselves! We need to foster self-care, first, before we can take care of others. Give yourself the energy you need to continue to be a strong and healthy nurturer, connector, teacher, warrior, lover, and/or a leader. In whatever way you are contributing to your higher purpose through your greater self, take responsibility for your energy. Nurture yourself before you nurture others so you can stay strong and enduring. As well, remember to close some doors that no longer serve you to salvage your energy.

You Are Amazing!

So this is just a reminder to let you know how frigging amazing you are, and don’t you forget that, because us over-givers tend to do that.

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